Innovative Services for your Business
Eydea can put its innovation process to work for you
and your business, no matter the need.
Services:Credit Card Fraud Protection
Eyedea has several credit fraud products and services in development. Please use the form below to contact us for more credit fraud information. Be one of the first to try our solutions at very low pricing.

3D Object VR
We can take your products and create a 3 dimensional virtual reality object that will sky rocket your online sales by increasing your online shopper-tainment. Also, we can provide a source for your online retailers to download these images so they can be displayed in their online stores. Please see the 3D Object VR for more information.

Corporate Innovation Consulting
We can teach your team our innovation process so they can apply it to business solutions. Companies with innovative and creative employees have a greater chance of success.

New Product Design
If you have a product or an idea for a product and need an innovative design, user friendly, high margin solution then contact us today.

Problems to Solutions
We always enjoy new challenges so if your company has a problem, let us develop a strong solution.

Simply use the form below to send us your problem so we can begin talking about how to solve it.